Important Car Dashboard Warning Lights to Know

lukes-5There’s nothing worse than seeing one of your car dashboard warning lights come on and having no idea what it means. If you’re unable to pull over right away to check, it can be even more nerve-wracking. Not only can a delayed response to a warning light cause unwanted damage to your car, but it can also put you and your family at risk. While you can always speak to an auto repair specialist about warning lights, here are some of the most important ones to understand.

1. Engine Warning Light

Your engine warning light (depicted as an engine) is one you absolutely do not want to overlook. In fact, it’s often a warning you can’t ignore because it’s usually accompanied by a lack of power as well. Take your car to an auto shop so a professional auto technician can look at it right away. Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask a New Auto Repair Specialist

auto repair specialistDoes your car need repairs or have you been meaning to take it in for basic maintenance? Whether your car needs new tires, an oil change, or new breaks, choosing an auto repair specialist can be daunting. Finding a balance between quality service and fair prices can be difficult, especially if you’ve never had to find a mechanic before. To help ensure you get the best service possible, here are a few questions you should always ask a new auto repair specialist.

1. Are you familiar with the make and model of my car?

One of the first questions you should ask any auto shop is whether the auto technicians have done repairs or maintenance on a car like yours before. This is especially important for classic or European cars, which may require special knowledge and skills to repair. Continue Reading →

Signs Your Car Needs Engine Maintenance

engine maintenanceEvery good car owner knows that proper and regular engine maintenance is vitally important in order to keep your vehicle running. Travel throughout the holidays may have put a lot of extra stress on your engine. So make sure your auto repair specialist spends some extra time on it. Having a professional examine your engine regularly is important. Also, it’s very important to take your car to a shop if you notice irregularities in its performance. Here are three signs that your car may need engine maintenance.

1. Loud Noises

Your car should never make loud noises. This is particularly true for your engine. If you notice a loud knocking sound when speeding up or slowing down, it could mean that your engine bearings need to be replaced. If you hear this sound, take your car to an auto shop immediately, so an auto technician can inspect your engine. Waiting can do a lot of damage to the inside of your motor.

2. Increased Exhaust

While a little bit of noticeable exhaust coming out of your car is normal, an increase in visible emissions could indicate that there is an issue with your engine. You might also notice a change in the color of your exhaust—either blue, white, or black. Make sure you discuss this change with your auto technician when you take your car for service and repair. Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Car Transmission Last Longer

Car transmissionHaving reliable transportation is very important for your lifestyle. After all, you need a way to take the kids to school, travel to work, and go to the grocery store. A working car requires a working transmission. These can be costly to have an auto repair specialist repair or replace. The good news? You can do actually several things that to help extend the life of your car transmission. Here are a few pieces of advice you definitely want to keep in mind.

1. Service Your Car Regularly

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle, but don’t let changing the oil in your car slip your mind. Make time to visit your auto shop for regular oil and filter changes. While you’re doing this, have your auto technician flush your car’s transmission, as well as make adjustments to the bands.

2. Use Synthetic Fluid

When you go in for car service and repair, make sure your auto specialist uses a synthetic fluid. Synthetic fluids last much longer and have better resistance to heat. Your technician should be able to recommend the appropriate fluid for your vehicle and lifestyle. Continue Reading →

Winter Safety Tips for Tires

Winter safety tips for tiresNow that the holidays are over, cold weather has set in fast. Are your car tires ready for the winter season? It’s imperative that you make sure your tires can handle the strain of freezing temperatures and harsh road conditions. It’s always a good idea to speak with an auto repair specialist about your tires as the seasons change. So make an appointment right away. Here are several great tips for your car tires this winter to help keep you and your vehicle safe.

1. Visually Inspect Car Tires Often

As a rule, you should visually inspect your car tires at least once a month during the winter. Look for decreased tire tread and cracking. If you notice either, take your car to an auto shop right away to have an auto technician take a look. It’s better to replace your tires early than to have an accident or become stranded during a snow storm. Continue Reading →

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Tips for Your Car This Winter SeasonWhen your car breaks down on the side of the road, it’s bad. But it’s much, much worse when this happens in the middle of winter, during a raging storm. Now that the winter months are nearly here, it’s important for you to prepare your car for colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions. To help ensure you and your car are safe this winter, here are four car maintenance services you should discuss with your auto repair specialist right away.

1. Check Your Lights

Winter doesn’t just mean colder weather, it also means darker days. While your commute to and from work may have been bright and sunny during the summer, it may well be pitch black this winter. Stop by your auto shop to check out all of your car’s lights right away. This will keep you and others on the road safe this winter. Continue Reading →

Qualities of a Good Auto Shop

What to Look for in a Good Auto Shop | Luke’s AutomotiveAre you having car trouble or is it time for a tune up? It can be difficult to pick which auto shop to use, but don’t take your car just anywhere. Unfortunately, not every shop can provide the kind of service you want and deserve. Never take chances with your car. It’s your primary mode of transportation, so make sure the shop you choose will take proper care of it. Before deciding on an auto repair specialist, here are four factors to consider.

1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Every good auto shop has reviews and testimonials available. Positive feedback from previous customers is a clear indicator that the company is reliable. If you find it difficult to locate reviews online, call the shop directly and ask for referrals. It’s important to review some sort of customer feedback before taking your car in for service.

2. Customer Service and Communication

Good auto shops not only perform quality car maintenance, they also provide excellent customer service. You can tell right away if the company and auto technicians make customer care a priority by the way they communicate. Clear communication is important, because it will help put your mind at ease while your car is being worked on. Continue Reading →

Finding an Auto Repair Specialist

How to Find an Auto Repair SpecialistCar trouble? Unfortunately, it happens to everyone. Even the best automobiles require tune-ups. Whether you’re having brake problems, want your engine checked, or need an oil change, you’ll want to take your car to an auto repair specialist you can trust. Use the tips listed below to help pick the best auto shop in your area.

1. Ask Family and Friends for Referrals

One of the best ways to find a reliable auto repair specialist is to ask for referrals from family and friends. Most people who own a car can offer you a recommendation. Take referrals from friends you know well; they would never intentionally point you in the wrong direction.

2. Research Auto Repair Specialists Online

Many good auto technicians today have websites. Take some time to research various repair shops in your area. Pay close attention to the services each offers, so you don’t waste time driving to one only to find out it can’t perform the maintenance you need. Continue Reading →

4 Facts About Car Tires You Should Know

Facts About Car Tires You Should KnowIf you drive, then you should know just how important it is to take care of your car tires. Not only will good tire maintenance keep you safer on the road, it will help your car last longer and perform better. Here are four facts you should know about car tires that will help keep your vehicle out of the auto shop!

1. Check Car Tires as Seasons Change

Did you know that the temperature outside impacts the air in your tires? Well, it does. In fact, a temperature shift of only 10 degrees can impact the pressure in your car tires. Driving with lower tire pressure can be dangerous, especially in inclement weather. That’s why it’s good practice to check the pressure in your tires as the seasons change throughout the year.

2. Rotate Your Car Tires

As you drive, the tires on your car wear down. The wear seen on each of your four tires will differ slightly and impact the way your car moves, as well as how long your tires will last. You should have an auto technician rotate your car tires every 5000 to 7000 miles to help them last longer. Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Protect Your Car from Hot Summer Days

Summer Car CareWhile the summer months are some of the best of the year, extreme and constant heat can damage both the interior and exterior of your car, requiring more maintenance than normal. You may not be able to change the weather where you live, but there’s still hope for your vehicle this season. Here are five great tips on how to protect your car from the heat this summer.

1. Check Your Battery

High temperatures can deplete your battery’s life, so it’s a good idea to check your battery regularly during a hot summer. Another good tip is to keep the exterior of your battery clean. See an auto technician right away if you suspect your car needs a new battery.

2. Park in the Shade

This is sometimes easier said than done, but if you can score a parking spot in the shade you definitely should. It’ll keep the interior of your car much cooler, which will keep it looking nice longer and make it more bearable when you get in. Continue Reading →